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Trips history


In the summer 2004 educational center “Vertspapiri” organized a first trip for bookkeepers to London. In 2005 was a second trip to United States along three biggest cities (New Your, Washington, Boston). Later were organized two more tours to London with outcountry seminars - International Accounting Standards (IAS). The seminars were organized in collaboration with International Association of Book-keepers (England).


In 2006 the educational outcountry seminars were organized more often. Thus in March was organized trip to Vienna the capital of Austria. In May was organized reiterative trip to London, but in June bookkeepers visited amazing Budapest (Hungary), as well as they could relax by the famous Lake Balaton.


In 2006 educational centre “Vertspapiri” established a new structure – “MKC Travel” tourism agency, to offer new trips around the world.


In November 2006 “MKC Travel” in collaboration with “Vertspapiri” repeatedly organized trip to Vienna, which Latvian bookkeepers liked very much.  Finally, in the end of the December, bookkeepers visited amazing Paris, that especially was amazing before Christmas time. The seminar was organized in both trips.


In August, 2007, a trip to Bruxelles (Belgium) with the purpose of improving the professional skills of book-keepers was organized. A seminar 'Drawing up of the budget of the enterprise' took place. The sightseeing tour across Bruxelles allowed the participants to visit the Belgian Royal museum of the fine arts which consists of the two richest museums, with collections from the 14th century up to now - the Museum of the Ancient Art (Musée d'Art Ancien) and the Museum of the Modern Art (Musée d'Art Moderne), and get acquainted with the works of the well-known painters such as of Rubens, Bauts,  Memling, Breighel, Picasso, Shagal, and Moore.

The bus excursion with the professional guide helped to examine Brugge and Gent. Brugge is the administrative centre of the province called the Western Flanders, known for the textile manufacture. It has become a real Mecca for tourists from all over the world. Gent is a city-port in Belgium, the administrative centre of the province called the East Flanders. This magnificent ancient city was founded in the 7th century and has been always considered the centre of Flandria.


In the end of August another trip to SPA-Vilnius was held. The participants successfully combined business with pleasure by attending the seminar on “Disputes on application of the labour legislation ' and enjoying the complex of health-improving procedures. The SPA-procedures helped to cope with stress, improve health, eliminate tiredness, and accumulate force. The clients were satisfied with the service of high quality provided and the productive participation in the seminar.


In November a trip to Barcelona (Spain) was completed. Its purpose was the improvement of bookkeepers’ professional skills. A seminar on 'Requirements of the Latvian accounting standards at drawing up of the annual report' was conducted. During the sightseeing tour across Barcelona with the professional guide, the book-keepers had a wonderful opportunity of examining the most marvelous places and the most interesting sights of the fantastic city: the Gothic quarter with the cathedral and the most ancient area of the city San Dzhauma, the famous boulevard La Ramblа, where one should drink some water from the fountain Kanaletas, in order to return there again, the unusual houses, churches, fountains, and parks projected by Antonio Gaudi, the ingenious architect (his most famous work is the church Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family)), the sacred mountain Montserrat (where the most worshiped Madona of Catalonia is placed), and the museum of Salvador Dali, which is considered the most unusual museum in the world.


Everyone was pleased with trips, because they could see not only Europe’s cities most beautiful places, but also combine relax with studies. 


In the photo gallery you can see the pictures from our previous trips.     

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